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<div class='hd'>Natty and his Culinary Escapades (Mexico) @ Café Mercara Express</div>
<div class='dt'>March 15 – 31</div>
In the third part of this six series food festival, Chef Natarajan travels to Mexico in search of jalapeno flavours. Join him in this voyage and treat your palate with a gentle, full-flavoured chili with a little zing.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Vasant Ritu Khasa @ Royal Vega</div>
<div class='dt'>March 15 – May 14</div>
Revel in the aromatic flavours of spring with Vasanta Ritu Khasa, a specially crafted seasonal menu.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Japanese Delights @ Pan Asian</div>
<div class='dt'>March 20 -30</div>
Indulge in a five-course Japanese meal that brings to you the confluence of flavours and textures that reflects the versatility of this cuisine.<br /><br /></div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Ottimo Vineyard Club @ Ottimo Cucina Italiana</div>
<div class='dt'>March 22-31</div>
Indulge in a sublime dining experience as our chefs create signature Italian dishes paired with wine.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Happiness in Slices @ Nutmeg – The Gourmet Shop</div>
<div class='dt'>All through March</div>
Our chef brings to you the happiness in slices in four different flavours: Apple Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Heavens Chocolate Pie and Classic Blueberry Pie.</div>
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