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<div class='hd'>Navaratri @ Peshwa Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>10th to 19th October (Lunch & Dinner/ Platter)</div>
A time for feasting and fasting, the festival of nine nights or ‘Navaratri’ is celebrated with verve all over India. To commemorate the nine days of Navaratras our chefs have created a special meal for our guests which in all parameters is divine and satwik.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Halloween @ Peshwa Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>31st October (Dinner/ Buffet)</div>
Celebrate the Halloween’s night with special buffet featuring props exclusive for the night.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Crab Festival @ Pan Asian</div>
<div class='dt'>All through October (Lunch & Dinner)</div>
Relish preparations of crabs at Pan Asian throughout October with the signature crab dishes from Singapore, China and Thailand. Dishes like ‘Singapore Chilli Crab’, ‘Salt & Pepper Crab’, steamed crab with spring onion and ginger, ‘Sichuan Crab’ and ‘Crab in Yellow Curry’.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Cocktail Chronicles @ Bombay High</div>
<div class='dt'>All through October – 11:00 to 00:00 Hrs</div>
Celebrate an evolution of spirits with the theatrics of our mixologists in a secluded experience of 5 cocktails.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Club ITC Culinaire @ Dakshin Coastal</div>
<div class='dt'>All through October (Dinner)</div>
Not only Club ITC Culinaire guests but also Club ITC Platinum as well whilst offering a one + one on food items ordered. Members will be entitled to earn back in terms points at 25% and spend at the outlet with Green points as well.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Lunch with Your Bunch @ Main Outlets</div>
<div class='dt'>All through October</div>
Four course meal at Pan Asian and Dum Pukht. At Peshwa Pavilion, dine with five and pay for four; dine with ten and pay for eight and more such offers* on our buffet showcasing world cuisine and at Peshawri, have three course meal for every diner.<br /><br /></div>
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