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<div class='hd'>Elo Borsha @ Eden Pavilion</div>
<div class='dt'>07th to 21st July (Platter/ Non-Veg. & Veg.)</div>
The monsoon platter of our Elo Borsha menu includes all the Bengali favourites, including Ilish Maachh, which recalls the Baganbari days when zamindars hosted feasts around the ‘queen of fish’.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Grills to Delight @ West View</div>
<div class='dt'>23rd to 30th July</div>
This season indulge blends and rubs, a succulent array of local meat, poultry, fish and vegetables marinated, seasoned and barbecued to your delight.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Frontier Lunch @ Peshawri</div>
<div class='dt'>All through July (Set Menu/ Veg. & Non-Veg.)</div>
A carefully crafted set menus for lunch create a symphony of flavours and ingredients.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Samundari Khazana @ Peshawri</div>
<div class='dt'>All through July (Exclusive & Platter)</div>
An array of the Chef’s catch of the day, fresh from the Bay of Bengal. Delicacies such as whole Pomfret mildly spiced with yellow chili, garam masala and turmeric powder, skewered and roasted in the clay oven; Tandoori Jhinga, Lobster, Crab, Bekti cubes and much more.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Dawat with Chef Zubair Qureshi @ Dum Pukht</div>
<div class='dt'>All through July (Chef curated menu)</div>
Hailing from a line of royal khansamas (Chefs), Chef Zubair Qureshi has learnt many recipes from an early age from the royal kitchens. Qureshi’s expertise ranges across the entire spectrum of Awadhi cuisine. Enjoy a bespoke meal curated in consultation with Chef Zubair.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Master's of Orient @ Pan Asian</div>
<div class='dt'>All through July (À la carte)</div>
Pan Asian presents its culinary commanders from across the seas—Chinese Master Chef Xing Peng Hua who dominates our Chinese cuisine, Chef Jerry Bernasol, the Japanese specialist and Chef Pramod Sinha, Orientalist extraordinaire to give your monsoon an oriental twist.</div> <div class='eventc'>
<div class='hd'>Teppanyaki Theatre with Master Chef Jerry @ Pan Asian</div>
<div class='dt'>All through July (À la carte)</div>
Master Chef Jerry Bernasol is famed for his dexterity of spatulas, tossing eggs into his toque and the amazing flambé delights while he works at the grill! Enjoy dishes such as Prawn Hibachi, Salmon Teriyaki Steak, Teppan Scallops, Lobster Tail, Tuna Steak, Yaki Udon and lots more.</div>
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