Gourmet Insights

Culinary Lessons
Food is for the body; taste is for the soul

Posted on: Friday July 8, 2016

What is it about Indian cuisine that makes it so unique and distinct in world gastronomy?

I’ve been asked about it and I’ve ruminated. And one day, whilst putting together a menu, it occurred to me that wellness and sustainabil...

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9:15 PM at Gurgaon
Wine Indulgences
5 Tricks to Order Wine like an Expert

Posted on: Tuesday July 14, 2015

Since a true wine connoisseur takes years to fine tune his/her wine palate and hone his/herknowledge and craft, it is but natural that for everyone else, wine can be quite intimidating a subject. So what happens when you’re put in charge of ...

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6:10 PM at Mumbai
Expert Speak
Avartana - Redefining Southern Indian cuisine

Posted on: Wednesday March 22, 2017

South India is a mosaic of regional diversity and cultural ethnicities. Though diverse, its identity is articulated through its cuisine – a distinct and singular representation of the region’s bounty of spices and peppers – in co...

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Posted by: The Gastronaut
3:00 PM at Gurgaon
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