He’s been around the world and he’s seen the sights it has to offer, yet his favourite view remains the dramatic panorama of the Himalayas from his ancestral home in Shimla. 

That’s Nakul Anand for you. A die-hard fan of everything that his homeland has to offer. 

A connoisseur of fine experiences that range from food to spirits and even places to visit, Nakul Anand admits that he’s yet to develop a taste for haggis. Given a chance, however, he’d love to indulge in a bespoke five-course whisky-paired dinner at Admiral Dunn’s private castle, Aberdeen. Yet, his favourite food haunt lies nestled in the bustling streets of Delhi. For him the sounds, smells and colours of the street are as precious and irreplaceable as the old world, authentic food of Delhi. 

At the heart of Nakul's approach to work and indeed life itself is his quest for quality – he believes that what can be measured can be improved. 

His first job was with ITC Hotels, and for him, ITC Hotels figures right up with family. 

Today, as the head of ITC's travel, tourism and hospitality businesses, Nakul Anand’s biggest dream is to bring the beauty and warmth of Indian hospitality to the world in all its forms – whether by way of India’s plenteous arts and crafts, royal legacies, distinctive cuisines or even its traditional fabrics and ancient knowledge systems; he knows there’s a lot to offer that is unique and unparalleled in its variety.